Jill Stchur

Jill Stchur, P.A.

Jill Stchur, P.A., received a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Studies from Bowling Green State University in 1998. Finishing first in her class, she was selected to participate in an internship focused on dietetics at the University of Michigan. Her work, during her time at the University of Michigan, resulted in her invitation to work as the primary Registered Dietician on the Bone Marrow Transplant team at the university’s health center. Jill’s efforts were focused mainly on the combating of terminal cancer in bone marrow patients, and those experiences solidified her passion for the medical field.

In pursuit of a more meaningful role, Jill enrolled in Wayne State University’s Physician Assistant Program, and graduated within the top 4% in the United States. Shortly thereafter she married and moved to Punta Gorda, where she began working in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her continued exposure to the medical field, in conjunction with the challenges and cases that she handled, developed a proficiency in office based patient procedures and comprehensive medical management.

Jill had two children and spent several years focusing on the wellness of her family, without compromising her continued efforts for further education or healthy living. In addition to taking office based procedure courses, she has served as a fitness training instructor and competitor, participated in marathons and endurance races, and contributed countless hours of volunteer work to her community.

Jill’s broad background in whole health management, and her understanding of patient well-being, makes her uniquely qualified to treat patients dealing with pain. Her passion for care, and continued efforts to provide resolution to patients, make her a great addition to the Restore Medical Partners team; and allows our patients to have greater access to providers, increases appointment availability, and adds a wealth of knowledge to our office.